Star Odyssey is an extremely fun game which will stick you to your iPad for a long time. Lovely background music and sound effects will help you focus more easily and concentrate on your game. It’s got an easy to use one touch control, so you only need ONE FINGER to play this game. Score even more points by sending as many spaceships into space as you can and win the first place. Avoid colliding with yellow stars at all times and grab all other stars for life, shield, speed and more points. Warning: This game is EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE.


  • Score points every time you send a spaceship to a space dock successfully
  • Get double points for sending spaceships end-to-end without destroying them
  • Points are multiplied while you play, so the more you play the greater your points
  • Beat your own personal best and set a new world record
  • Avoid yellow stars at all times
  • Red stars; you can gross Extra Life with them whenever it’s convenient
  • Blue stars; they speed up your spaceship up until you reach the space docks
  • Purple stars; they give you a shield all the way up to the space docks
  • Green stars, top up your points with them simply
  • Music FX. Sounds are looped: they keep playing until you turn them off. And you can turn them back on easily.

Fancy playing the game with your friends? You can do so and go with them head-to-head here easily. The winner is the one who sends more spaceships into a space dock. Time limited.


  • Beat your rivals by sending more spaceships to the space docks
  • Snatch the purple stars for shield and green stars for more points
  • You’ve got only 3 minutes
  • If the number of spaceships is even extra time will be given
  • Music FX. You can turn this on and off as and when needed

Watch out and stay focused. A naughty cat with a fat face will keep sneaking up on your attention and stealing it away. Game Centre support is included as well as three languages – English, Chinese and Russian!


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